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What is Adoption-Competent Therapy?

Parent and Child

                                           Adoption-competent therapists understand the unique developmental, emotional, and behavioral                                             issues involved in life for everyone in the community of adoption and foster care, and provide                                                mental health services that acknowledge the complexity of these issues without pathologizing                                             them.

They are well-versed in the different types of adoption, the losses involved for each person, the impact of trauma, the dynamics of openness,  common emotional and behavioral challenges, and difficulties of identity development, among other issues vital to nurturing emotional, psychological, and relational well-being.


Current services with an adoption focus that are offered at Alphabet Shuffle, LLC include:

  • Individual and family therapy for individuals of all ages who are adopted, as well as their biological and adoptive family members, focused on:

    • mental health issues

    • grief and loss

    • trauma

    • identity formation and re-formation

    • parenting

    • navigating open adoption relationships  

    • the search and reunion process

  • Parent education 

  • Counseling for biological parents of a child placed for adoption who desire ongoing support

  • Mediation between biological and adoptive families after adoption when there are challenges related to openness

Happy Girl with Dad

Sherry's background includes over 30 years of combined experience working with individuals of all ages who are adopted, as well as their biological and adoptive families. Her clinical experience also extends to foster care, counseling children and adolescents in care along with their foster and biological parents; helping support the reunification of children and their biological family whenever possible through family counseling; and facilitating training and consultation to community organizations. 

Additionally, Sherry has completed the Training for Adoption Competency (TAC), a post-Master's curriculum developed by the Center for Adoption Support and Education. TAC utilizes a combination of classroom instruction, discussion, and clinical consultation to equip mental health professionals to address the mental health needs and concerns of biological parents, adopted people, adoptive parents, and extended family members with multi-dimensional understanding and skill. 

Over the years, clients have taught us invaluable lessons about the uniqueness of the journey each person walks through adoption and have equipped us with a depth of compassion and respect for everyone involved.


To make an appointment or for inquiries, please call our office at (906) 424-4476. You may also press the "contact us" link to email the office.

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